Revolutionizing The Next Generation Of Intelligent Personalized Semantic Search

SILVIA interprets and responds to users’ verbal commands, virtually eliminating the need for keypad input and navigation of complex interfaces. For even greater ease, SILVIA allows people to communicate with computers and mobile devices using everyday language without having to learn commands.

The “one size fits the all” criticism of search engines is that when queries are submitted, the same results are returned to different users. In order to solve this problem, unlike conventional approaches, SILVIA’s process starts with the end-user. It takes simple indicators of interests and uses this context to synthesize data structures that represent these interests in a way that machines can process. These user inputs are simple and intuitive word associations, congruent with the way people make meaning.

One of the jewels in SILVIA’s crown is her use of memory. She not only remembers interactions and activities, but it also uses those memories to enhance the thought process. This capacity makes it possible for SILVIA to behave proactively, anticipating users’ needs and surpassing chatbots limited to passive, narrowly defined programmed responses. personalized search is proposed, since it can provide different hyper specific search results based upon the preferences of users.

SILVIA is the most advanced and flexible personal intelligence system on the planet.

  • SILVIA is intelligent and conversational.
  • SILVIA goes anywhere you want to go.
  • SILVIA learns from your conversations to anticipate your needs.
  • SILVIA interacts with your phone’s applications for you, based on your conversations, making your mobile life easier than ever before.
  • SILVIA can help you with search, browsing, maps, navigation, calendar appointments, your contacts, media content, and the Android operating system.
  • With the optional SILVIA Personalization Kit, you can make SILVIA for Android talk and interact with you the way you want, and show off your own custom AI behaviors to your friends.
  • SILVIA doesn’t just answer questions. SILVIA can engage you in a real conversation using our patented natural language system to understand and react to your meaning.
  • SILVIA learns about you from your conversations, to personalize your experience.
  • SILVIA can proactively suggest new activities, based on your preferences and previous actions. For instance, if you commonly message your spouse from work that you are running late, SILVIA can use your current location (@work) and the time (6PM) to say, “It looks like you’re running late again. Would you like for me to text Kathy on your behalf?”
  • SILVIA doesn’t just do one thing at a time. SILVIA can conversationally interact with you to help complete complex tasks with multiple steps.
  • Did we mention that SILVIA runs natively on your device?
  • SILVIA can run in the background, always ready to be helpful. For instance, you could be playing a casual game and losing track of the time, and SILVIA would prompt you to say, “Sorry to interrupt, but you have a meeting with John scheduled in five minutes.”
  • Pick from one of three personalities (serious, playful, snarky) to suit your personal style. More personalities to come post-launch.