Meet SILVIA, your cognitive knowledge assistant that provides reason, learns, and accepts guidance to provide effective and personalized support, all the while she interacts on human terms. She manages tasks in a wide range of industries, from financial services, healthcare, to telecommunications and media. SILVIA reads natural language, understands context, applies logic, infers implications, learns through experience and even senses emotions. Unlike other technologies, that purely detect and match words used in queries to retrieve information, she comprehends what is meant and not simply what is said. She applies context, to distinguish between different uses of the same word, to fully understand the implied meaning. SILVIA is able to read and digest the same training information in a matter of seconds and without needing time intensive programming and processing, compared to her human counterpart. She learns while working on the job by observing interactions between her human coworkers and customers. SILVIA independently builds her own process map of what is happening. She then stores and applies that knowledge to determine how to resolve similar situations on her own. This ability to observe, understand and apply the knowledge, combined with speed, she learns that allows her to quickly become an expert in any field she works and will work on.

SILVIA is a virtual agent who understands what people ask and even what people feel when they call for service. Using the same instruction manuals, such as call center operators, SILVIA can be deployed straight from the cloud in a fraction of time. She learns as she works and consistently provides high-quality responses, in whatever language your customers speak. SILVIA can respond to queries in multiple languages allowing your business maximum flexibility in addressing customer service queries.

SILVIA’S INTELLIGENCE: Learning from Experience

SILVIA is modeled on the human brain. Thus, she learns and becomes smarter in time. Her thought process can be explained in a sequence of steps:

  • If she understands your question, she responds to the inquiry;
  • If she knows the answer to the question, she executes the process to solve the issue;
  • If she does not know the answer to the question, she will search for solutions through the web or intranet; and
  • If she cannot find the answer, she escalates the question to a human colleague. She then observes her colleague’s actions and absorbs the information for future reference.

A HUMAN TOUCH: SILVIA Understands Context

Many other technologies demand that humans adapt their behavior in order to interact with “smart machines,” it is different with Silvia. She is intelligent enough to interact like a human herself. This functionality equips her to deliver quality customer service in wherever she is deployed. While other systems require exact phrases or fixed content, the contextual filters used by SILVIA allows her to understand loosely stated problems.

SILVIA’s FUNCTIONALITY: Applications and Functions

SILVIA helps automate what we commonly refer to as knowledge work. She learns just as any new employee and can apply her knowledge to help employees and customers virtually in any industry. She addresses a wide range of business challenges. Due to her extensive understanding of languages, she can work with colleagues and customers around the world.

SILVIA works from aiding the research of case materials in the legal industry, assisting financial advisers, working at a customer help-desk and even in processing claims for insurance companies, SILVIA has countless industry applications. No matter the role she is in, she can learn and provide valuable recommendations and solutions to her human coworkers and customers, in ways never seen before on an artificially intelligent system.

In industries where compliance is critical, companies can rely on SILVIA to precisely follow rules, reducing risk exposure is inherent in her nature and she can always ensure a full audit trail is available. Because she is digital, SILVIA will never be a victim of ‘human error’ – she doesn’t get tired, no matter what the time of day, regardless how she is deployed, SILVIA works at the same high standard all day, every day.

How Will She Be Used? SILVIA can be trained to handle almost any knowledge-based task. She has the capacity to perform and contribute in a diverse spectrum of roles in almost any business scenario. Just imagine the time and effort save and how SILVIA could help you!

SILVIA’s IMPACT: Transformation of Industries Performance

Much like industrial machines transformed agriculture and manufacturing, cognitive technologies will drive the next evolution of the global workforce. Their impact in the workforce will be felt globally and at a more accelerated pace than any previous shifts in technology-led change. In order to compete in the digital economy, a company’s work force should include both human and virtual employees. Technologies like SILVIA, will redefine traditional roles within the workforce. She functions as an extension of a company’s workforce, handling repetitive, often tedious yet necessary tasks, her human colleagues can shift their workload to focus on value creating activities that drive higher quality levels of productivity and service.

With SILVIA at work, new processes will emerge as she helps companies introduce new service enriching processes and creating efficiencies not previously possible or financially feasible. In turn, employees can take on higher-level roles such as mining data to formulate new ways to enrich customer service.


The creativity and ingenuity of human talent is subdued by the mundane, repetitive, and uninspiring tasks that eat up 80% of daily lives. With cutting-edge technology that emulates the human brain, you can slice the cost of carrying out the 80%, and free up capital to re-invest in high-value functions. Allow your investment in human resources to release ideas that will lead to growth, rather than wasting human talent.

SILVIA guarantees financial efficiency by reducing operational expenses and maximizing human talents/resources. It plots and reduces the cost of service per call while increasing the number of calls your business can process. It drives higher customer satisfaction and productivity by allowing your team of human experts to focus on dealing with complex and high–value inquiries while SILVIA absorbs the most repeatable parts of the process.


SILVIA can field a wide range of questions and requests, SILVIA’s ability to learn quickly and ask qualifying questions to get to the root of a problem makes her ideal for call center support. SILVIA is able to receive customer inquiries and provide answers by understanding what a customer is looking for and asking the necessary questions to clarify the issue. She can also find and access information, to solve a problem and provide a customer with an answer. If she cannot help the customer herself, she will raise the issue to her human counterpart, and take part in solving the problem. She then use the experience on future situations that will require the same action.


For most organizations following a strict procedure on procurement involves many steps to minimize risk and support effective supplier management. SILVIA can be relied upon not only to follow the process required but deal with the many questions that are raised during the process by buyers and suppliers alike in a timely manner. Transparency is the key and SILVIA ensures a full audit trail of execution points and can be relied upon to ensure invoices are checked and processed in a timely manner.


Those working in the oil and gas industry often face hazardous working conditions and must troubleshoot equipment issues in less-than-ideal conditions. Imagine a military engineer trying to fix a generator in a combat zone in the desert. Wearing heavy equipment suit and without the convenience of having an iPad or a laptop on hand in order to look up detailed technical information the engineer can turn to SILVIA for help. She fills the information by knowing the details of the machine manuals and company policies and procedures herself. By exchanging information with the engineer she can help diagnose machinery issues and guide him through the proper steps to rectify the problem.

These are just few of SILVIA’s possible industry applications. Her potential to transform industries performance, including the way both employees and customers interact with artificial intelligence is unparalleled.