Systems are being developed with increasing complexity. The knowledge of how to use those systems needs to be imparted with exact and complete training. With her conversational abilities, SILVIA can handle the most specific training as she can delve into all aspects and is able to pinpoint exact areas on an individual basis where learning needs to take place. But what makes this type of learning even better for people is the fact that it can take place according to people’s schedules, time and interest.

We all know self-learning imparts the greatest satisfaction of achievement. Learning at one’s own pace insures maximum comfort in knowing that knowledge can be learned without the stress of having to either keep up, not really retaining the knowledge necessary for the next step or the annoyance of having to wait for others to keep up. Incorporating SILVIA into your training and simulation application can alleviate the wonderment of whether the trainee actually learned the skills necessary to progress to the next step.

Live SILVIA and SILVIA for Unity applications have already been developed and are currently being used by the U.S. Military. Let us show you how SILVIA can bring your training to the highest level of technological sophistication.

We can provide engineers to assist in incorporating SILVIA into your application if you don’t have the engineering staff on hand to do so.