Want to use SILVIA for Mobile?

SILVIA is the only fully conversational, natural language processing (NLP) AI in the marketplace today compact enough to fit on a cell phone.

  • Tiny footprint (5MB or less)
  • Low processing and memory system requirements
  • Users of your application can rest easy knowing SILVIA is secure,
    as all preferences are stored natively and heavily encrypted on the device.
  • No expensive server infrastructure required to run SILVIA
  • Runs on almost any platform such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and more
  • Language independent
  • Statistical language learning approach is not dependent on word-based text matching or pre-defining language rules and parts of speech
  • Applications can be developed in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, etc. with similar effort
  • Can support dynamic language translation; talk in one language and it can construct a response in another language
  • Superior tools and methods for ease of training
  • Can go online and read web pages or text documents
  • Can be taught behaviors via direct human interaction and formal training sessions
  • Smart phones with “SILVIA Inside” that can automatically send text messages or select music playlist based on usage patterns

As you can see, SILVIA offers a great of variety and flexibility when it comes to being incorporated into your mobile applications. You can use SILVIA to construct Mobile Concierge Agents or Personal Assistants on the go. Let us help you design your mobile application if you don’t already have engineers to develop your product.