SILVIA for Android is an artificial intelligence system that runs natively on Android phones and tablets, so that you can talk with your device like you would talk to another person.

SILVIA for Android is smart, fun, and practical, and is based on Cognitive Code’s patented SILVIA technologies so advanced that SILVIA is being used for training and simulation applications by the U.S. Military.

SILVIA for Android is up and running on our phones so we are excited about making SILVIA for Android and the SILVIA for Android developer kit available to you.

What does SILVIA for Android do?

SILVIA is the most advanced and flexible personal intelligence system on the planet.

  • SILVIA for Android is intelligent and conversational.
  • SILVIA for Android goes anywhere you want to go.
  • SILVIA for Android learns from your conversations to anticipate your needs.
  • SILVIA for Android interacts with your phone’s applications for you, based on your conversations, making your mobile life easier than ever before.
  • SILVIA for Android can help you with search, browsing, maps, navigation, calendar appointments, your contacts, media content, and the Android operating system.
  • SILVIA for Android doesn’t just answer questions. SILVIA for Android can engage you in a real conversation using our patented natural language system to understand and react to your meaning.
  • SILVIA for Android learns about you from your conversations, to personalize your experience.
  • SILVIA for Android can proactively suggest new activities, based on your preferences and previous actions. For instance, if you commonly message your spouse from work that you are running late, SILVIA can use your current location (@work) and the time (7PM) to say, “It looks like you’re running late again. Would you like for me to text Mimi on your behalf?”
  • SILVIA doesn’t just do one thing at a time. SILVIA can conversationally interact with you to help complete complex tasks with multiple steps.
  • Did we mention that SILVIA runs natively on your Android phone?
  • SILVIA for Android can run in the background, always ready to be helpful. For instance, you could be playing a casual game and losing track of the time, and SILVIA for Android would prompt you to say, “Sorry to interrupt, but you have a meeting with John scheduled in five minutes.”
  • Pick from one of three personalities (serious, playful, snarky) to suit your personal style. More personalities to come post-launch.
smart tab

SILVIA for Android requirements

– a voice-enabled (mic and speaker) phone or tablet running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or greater.
– WiFi or 3G/4G
– a Google account
– at launch only available in English

SILVIA for Android should run on almost any device with the above basic specifications, but prior to launch, we will begin publishing and maintaining a list of compatible devices.

SILVIA for Android SDK requirements:

– Android development system requirements as specified on this page:
– Optional: Xamarin’s Mono for Android (Professional and above), available here:
IMPORTANT: We do NOT currently support Linux as a development environment.
IMPORTANT: One or more physical Android enabled devices are required for developing applications with speech input.

SILVIA for Android SDK details

The SILVIA for Android SDK includes:

  • the SILVIA for Android runtime library, licensed to your development device(s)
  • SILVIA Studio for Android, our graphical content creation tools
  • complete tutorial and API reference documentation
  • sample code projects (both native Java and Mono for Android)
  • sample SILVIA brain files

Our SILVIA for Android SDK has complete support for native Java language development, and C# development using Mono for Android as well, with parallel sample projects for both.

Our sample SILVIA for Android brain files clearly demonstrate the various principles in creating your SILVIA for Android content and applications.

The SILVIA for Android SDK can be used for almost any type of mobile application. Our only restriction is that you can’t sell or otherwise distribute a personal assistant application that would compete directly with our SILVIA for Android.

SILVIA for Android in your games!

Can the SILVIA for Android SDK be used for games? ABSOLUTELY! Basic integration with your Android game can be done in minutes, and our SDK will include at least one sample project specifically for game developers! Developers of casual games will appreciate the ease of integration, and hardcore game developers will appreciate the depth of the system