Cognitive Code offers Developer tools for installing SILVIA in a Unity 3D environment. SILVIA can be deployed in any platform, but is the only fully conversational, natural language processing (NLP) AI in the marketplace today compact enough to fit on a cell phone.

  • Tiny footprint (5MB or less)
  • Low processing and memory system requirements indicates SILVIA is not a system hog running the device dry of energy
  • No expensive server infrastructure required to run SILVIA
  • Users of your application can rest easy knowing SILVIA is secure, as all preferences are stored natively and heavily encrypted on the device.
  • Runs on any platform such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and more
  • Language independent – develop conversation in any language.
  • Statistical language learning approach is not dependent on word-based text matching or pre-defining language rules and parts of speech
  • Applications can be developed in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, etc. with similar effort
  • Can support dynamic language translation, for instance, you talk in one language and it can construct a response in another language
  • Superior tools and methods for ease of training
  • Can go online and read web pages or text documents
  • Can be taught behaviors via direct human interaction and formal training sessions

Put conversational Artificial Intelligence into your application today by using SILVIA for Unity3D.